About Us

Living Slay Fashions was created February 2020 by owner, Alexsondra Walker. Alexsondra always had a strong love and passion for fashion which led to her wanting to open a women's clothing boutique. However, what led her to the creation of the brand, Living Slay Fashions, was her desire to make every woman feel beautiful every single day. Hence the create of the tagline, make everyday a living slay.

What is a living slay? A living slay is the very essence of feeling beautiful. It is a mood, a vibe, a feeling, that we hope every customer embodies. At Living Slay Fashions, our focus is the customer! We want our customers to feel like they can conquer the world in our clothes because they can! 

With this brand, we hope to break fashion norms and standards. We hope to make black beauty the standard of beauty. We aspire to go beyond what is considered acceptable and create something for every person to feel like they can slay in. Something that they can make everyday a living in.


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Email: help@livingslayfashions.com